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Emma Haralson

Emma Haralson

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Ms. Emma Haralson Special Education Self-contained Atkins Middle School 611 NW 4th Street Atkins, AR 72823 (479)641-1008 Email Address: About Me: My family has lived in Atkins and Burnett Cove area for generations. Other than short stints during college years, I have always lived within 2 blocks of ‘home’. I graduated from Atkins in 1976. I attended Arkansas Tech, UCA and UALR. I have a BSE in 2 areas of special education and elementary education from UCA, a MSE in Special Education from UCA and a MSE in Early Childhood Special Education from UALR. I am also certified for Blind/Visual impairment from UALR. I have taught at Friendship Services for 15 years, Hector for 4 years and the last 16 at Atkins Middle School. I have always tried to live by the adage of: “If it isn’t fun, don’t do it!” Working with kids has always been fun for me. No, every day and every child or parent isn’t always fun but the good has always outweighed the bad. I believe in glasses being half full and we can only build up from there. i expect good things to happen every day. That means mutual respect, work being done when it is time to work and enjoying each other and learning from one another. If you want respect you have to give respect.

Degrees and Certifications:

UCA- Bachelor of Science in Education- with certification Elementary 1-6; Learning Disabilities K-12: Intellecutall Disabled k-12

UcA- Masters Degree in Special Education

UALR- Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education

UALR- Certificaton in Blind & Vusual Impairment 


Current Position:

The last 17 years have been here at Atkins.  I never really thought I wanted to teach in the same town I grew up and lived in but someone knew better than I.  It’s been great so far.  Thirty seven years of doing any profession is amazing.  It really doesn’t seem like that long.   Well maybe some days…...

Previous Position:

I had the privelege of teaching  at Friendship Services in Russellvilee for 15 years in both school age and in the preschool settings.  I maade many lasting friends there.  I still consider them family.

I also had the honor of teaching at Hector in both resource setting and also fourth grade with resource students.  It was awesome.  Kind of like eating your ice cream first...

Family Information:

I live in my childhood home with 5 cats.  Yes, I am the crazy cat lady!   Four cats is too many but which of your children would you want to get rid of?  No, none of them are brothers and sisters by birth and I won’t have grandcats.

I love be outside!  I am not energetic, I just love to be out in the yard working.  I love to mow (on a riding mower of course!).  I hate weedeating!  Plants and flowers are my favorite projects.  

Emma Haralson

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